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One-Year Installation Warranty

(1) One Year warranty on all equipment and labor. We will correct any and all defects at its sole cost and expense.

The (1) One Year Installation Warranty is limited to original customers and does not cover damage caused by users, subcontractors, or acts of God, such as floods, lightning or power surges .

Equipment provided by customers or other service providers :

( TV, Dish Network, Time Warner ,AT&T ) is not covered by any warranty from DKRAUDIO, even if installed by us. 

We will, however, work with you to make sure any issue that arises out of an issue with these devices is taken care of in a timely fashion.

We will also interface on your behalf (with your consent) with these service providers to facilitate a minimal hassle resolution.


Service charges (for items that are not covered under the One Year Installation Warranty) are

outlined below:

- $85 trip fee plus the additional fees below if applicable

- $85 per hour per man

$160 per hour for a two-man

- $120 per hour for programming

- All service calls