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Each Digital Sign system is composed of a quality HDTV display, scalable to fit each client’s specific needs, that is connected to a digital media player. These user friendly media players allow for media content to be changed simply and quickly.

As a


DKRAUDIO advertising-and-communication-bannerhighly effective digital signage solutions by providing both system design and installation to our customers.


designer and integrator of digital signage solutions, we offer preferred products that allow for easy content management. These products give each client the ability to do their own content management that is both intuitive and easy to use and manipulate. Clients can easily incorporate logos, color schemes, themes, and products all delivered to your customers on a quality HDTV display


Easy to use

You will not find a Digital Signage solution on the market that is easier to use. That is because the DKRAUDIO platform was designed with this as a primary mission.

DKRAUDIO Manager provides complete control of your digital signage network from any computer with an internet browser.

DKRAUDIO Manager is so easy to use that it usually takes less than 10 minutes to learn.